How do I reserve a book that is loaned out?

If the book you want is out on loan, a reservation for the item can be made at the Issue desks at any one of the campuses. The Library will notify you when the book becomes available.

How do I figure out what titles are owned by the Libraries?

The library collections are fully searchable using the library online catalog(This should be hyperlinked with the OPAC)  of the combined collections.

Can I renew books?

Contact your KAGEU staff to renew books. You can also use the “My Account” feature through the online catalog interface. However, not all books are renewable.

How does the library notify me when I have overdue books?

When an item is overdue, you will be notified via the email you registered with in the library.

How do I request titles that are not in KAGEU branch?

If visiting the branch in-person is not convenient, please get contact with us through Ask a Librarian. Fill out as much information as possible about the article or book title you want, including the call number and KAGEU branch location (available through the Library online Catalog

Can I get a list of the items I have checked out?

Library staff can provide you with such a listing of all items charged to your library account. Or you can check the “My Account” feature of the online catalog interface.