Membership & Admission


  • Membership to the library is open to registered students, staff and authorized non KAG-East University persons.
  • Registration of KAG-East University students shall be done within the first month of admission to the first year of study, subject to undergoing library orientation.
  • External applicants shall be granted access to KAG-East Library upon submission of national identification card, introduction letter and approval by the University Librarian.
  • No external users shall be allowed borrow books from the library.                  
  • In addition they shall  pay the following fees:
  • Alumni Kshs. 100 per day
  • Non-Members Kshs 200 per day


  • Library staff reserves the right to demand identification from registered members and may deny access into the Library for those who do not comply.
  • University Identification cards must be shown to the security staff at the Library entrance.
  • External users shall produce National identification cards and authorized Library access documents.