Rules & Regulations

Borrowing of Information Materials

  • Borrowing shall be restricted to registered members only.
  • Information material shall not be taken out of the library, unless properly issued.
  • Users shall be held responsible for any damage  or loss of library material (s) in their possession and will be required to meet replacement and administrative costs.
  • Users shall ensure that material (s) issued  are in  good condition at the time of borrowing to  avoid taking responsibility for any damages noted while returning.
  • Loss of Library material (s) must be reported to the Librarian in 48hrs and  replaced or  paid by the borrower within 60 days.
  • Lost or mutilated information material will be replaced at full cost plus 20%   administrative cost. 

Loan Period

Registered members shall be allowed to keep borrowed items for the periods indicated below:

  • Non Teaching Staff: 5 books for 2 weeks
  • Teaching Staff: 5books for 1 month and 5 Course books  for 3 months.
  • University Students: 5 books for 2 weeks.


Borrowed Library material (s) not returned by the  due-date shall attract penalties as indicated below:

  • Students

Long Loan Kshs 5/= per day and Kshs 5 per hour for short loan books.

  • Staff

Long Loan Kshs 10/= per day and Kshs 10/= per hour for short loan.


  • Users shall observe silence in the library and its    environs at all times.
  • Unauthorized removal of library property is an offence and appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken against offenders.
  • Bags, cases and folders shall be left in the designated luggage area of the Library at owner’s risk.
  • The library shall not take responsibility for loss of personal property or books already signed out to users.
  • Anyone caught marking; defacing or mutilating books or any other library material shall replace /pay for the material at the most current price.
  • Order shall be observed in the library at all time.
  • Use of sound equipment like radios, walk mans, cell phones and others are  prohibited in the library .

Use of Digital Services

  • Booking or reserving computers shall not be allowed.
  • User of internet (including transmission or receiving of any material) in violation of the copyright law is prohibited.
  • Users shall not interfere with or disrupt network user services or equipment.
  • Hardware and software shall be used as  installed on respective workstations of the Library.
  • Users shall not add, delete or modify installed hardware or software, or change settings.
  • Library computers are strictly for learning and research purposes. Anyone found surfing non educational sites (e.g. pornographic sites) shall lose   his/her right to  use the Library.


  • All registered members of the Library shall clear with the University Library at the expiry of their membership